Integrating Cremation into a Traditional Funeral Service

Cremation after visitationToday, more people than ever choose cremation. I’m one of them. Whether for economical reasons, personal preference or a combination of both, cremation is now viewed as an acceptable alternative to a traditional burial. The exhibit of an urn is becoming commonplace today. Individuals are becoming more comfortable with this tradition. Family and friends aren’t bound to the custom of paying their respects around a coffin.

Cremation decisions

In my preplanning session with Funeral Director James Beaton, we talked about my decision to be cremated. I learned a lot about cremation at that preplanning meeting. For example, James confirmed that cremation can be more economical than a traditional burial. My urn and my husband’s casket will share a burial plot, so once again, we’re saving on funeral expenses. I certainly liked the idea of leaving my survivors a smaller financial burden, but I had other reasons to choose cremation, also. The decision seems right for me, especially after hearing James explain how to incorporate cremation into a visitation and funeral.

Traditional visitation and funeral

James said I could hold a traditional visitation and funeral with a casket present. With this approach, cremation takes place after the funeral. Burial occurs at a cemetery service later in the week. This funeral arrangement appealed to me. I know I like paying my final respects at a visitation when the deceased is present and visible in a casket. It just seems easier to say goodbye. I wanted the same for my family and friends, when the time comes.

Ceremonial vs. cremation casket

James explained the different options for caskets. A ceremonial casket is reusable because of a replaceable interior liner that is inserted for the deceased. A cremation casket is a wooden casket that’s cremated with the body. Both are beautiful and ornate, providing a dignified resting place. I’m choosing the ceremonial casket.

Preplanning gives comfort

Preplanning my funeral allowed me to get my questions answered and feel comfortable with my funeral decisions. James offered sound advice and clear explanations. He explained various options related to memorial services and funerals. I encourage you to ask your own questions and get the answers you’re looking for. It’s comforting to know these answers. Likewise, it’s comforting to have your final wishes recorded at Legacy Funeral Chapels.

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