How Easter memories continue to shape my life

Easter photo of James Beaton
James Beaton and his cousin Samantha at Easter.

Coming from a large, Irish Catholic family, I have fond memories of spending Easter with aunts, uncles, and cousins. My grandparents would always host the entire family, and everyone would be dressed in their nicest clothes.

We would arrive to see a mountain of Easter baskets for us kids and endless buffets of food. We would always have ham and lasagna as the main course and many, many pastries for dessert. My grandparents lived by the water, and it was a toss-up each year whether the stream would be frozen or not. Of course, all of us boys would be down by the water looking things over and getting in trouble.

As kids, we couldn’t help but get dirty before dinner. Easter was one of the few times when no one got upset about us getting dirty at a family gathering. That’s because everyone was in the Easter spirit, having a good time just being together.

Maybe your memories of Easter are like mine, of a close-knit family united for the holiday. Easter gives us an excuse to dress up fancy and do silly things like hunt for eggs and eat marshmallow bunnies. For people of faith, Easter holds deeper meaning as we rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and look forward to our own resurrected life in heaven.

Holidays are special because they break the routine of our everyday lives and provide moments to build family bonds and experience a deep sense of belonging. The absence of a loved one at the holiday table can be painful, whether the absence is due to distance, death, or broken relationships.

At Legacy Funeral Chapels, we know a thing or two about family because we’ve seen first-hand how family members pull together to support one another after the loss of a loved one. A death in the family puts everyone under stress, and we try to relieve that stress with our caring and compassionate service as we guide families through the process of funeral planning. Together, we can create a personalized send-off that incorporates the family’s wishes and honors the life of the deceased.

So as we celebrate Easter this week and reflect on the meaning of death, rebirth, family, and chocolate rabbits, know that all of us at Legacy Funeral Chapels wish you a Happy Easter.

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