5 Reasons to Transfer to Legacy Funeral Chapels

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James Beaton attends the Gillett Area Business Association Ribbon Cutting at a Gillett business, For You With Love boutique.

Good for you! You saved your family a load of worry by preplanning your funeral. Equally important is the ongoing review of your funeral plans.

Why should I review my funeral plans?

Maybe you’ve changed your mind about the cemetery or the venue for the memorial service. Your life and the world around you have changed since you made those plans, and it may be time for a thorough review.

What’s the best way to review my funeral plans?

You probably have the preplanning information tucked away with your other important documents. We recommend you pull out this paperwork and evaluate it with your spouse, children, or a trusted friend. Does everything square up with what you envision for a funeral? What would you like to change? Are you still satisfied with the funeral home you’ve selected?

How do I transfer to a new funeral home?

Just as your life has changed over the past few years, so has the funeral home in Gillett. Maybe it’s time to take a second look. Did you know that you can transfer your funeral to Legacy Funeral Chapels, even if you have an account elsewhere? Contact your current funeral director, and then finalize the transfer with James Beaton and the staff of Legacy Funeral Chapels.

Why choose Legacy Funeral Home?

In the 18 months since arriving in Gillett, James has changed more than just the name of the funeral home, from Kuehl Funeral Home to Legacy Funeral Chapels. He’s also changed the approach by:

James Beaton with Lions Club
James Beaton helps the Gillett Lions Club members repackage Christmas hams.

1. Adapting prices to more accurately reflect the economic state of Oconto County residents

2. Hiring individuals from the Gillett community, so you’ll be greeted at the door or over the phone by James or another familiar face

3. Broadening the options available for customized memorial services, so families aren’t tied to traditions that have lost their meaningfulness

4. Updating the interior of the funeral home with fresh paint and preparing for an extensive landscaping project in August

5. Wholeheartedly supporting the community by generously giving of time, talent and treasure. James is an active member of the Gillett Civic Club, Gillett Lions Club, Gillett Business Association, and St. John’s Catholic Church. He also served as chairman of Friends of Gillett Schools.

In order to restore faith in Gillett’s funeral home, which has undergone turnover and tumult in recent times, James is making changes that really matter. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

To speak to James or his staff about a transfer of funeral services to Legacy Funeral Chapels, call 920-855-2144 or email James@LegacyFuneralChapels.com. To learn more about the changes at Legacy Funeral Chapels, visit the newly launched website at www.legacyfuneralchapels.com.

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